3 Exercises to Uncover Your Unique Skillset

Jan 04, 2022

Knowing more about your own needs, interests, and values will allow you to look at the world around you in a new light, seeing opportunities in places where you hadn't seen them before.

Now that you are more aware of your motivations from last week's post (found here in case you missed it), it’s time to explore what unique abilities and talents you bring to the table.
Friendly reminder: your beliefs create your current reality.
One dysfunctional belief that gets people stuck in draining jobs is the idea that they don't have the skillset to move forward.
Last week's self-reflection brought you a greater understanding of what makes you tick. Now we're going to deepen that understanding with some additional exploration.
Here's your assignment: three exercises that will help you uncover your unique skillset. 
  • Pull out old performance reviews and note the strengths that were highlighted by previous supervisors.

  • Set aside 10 minutes to take the FREE 16 Personality Types Test.

  • Ask 3 close friends and/or colleagues what they believe makes you unique (the characteristics and things that they know they can rely on you for...might take some probing to move beyond the generic character traits) and then compare their responses to your own.

With self-reflection and exploration, it's possible for anyone who wants more out of life to discover the opportunities that currently exist around them.

Be on the lookout for more insights next week.

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