Looking for a Job That Brings You Joy? Start With This Question

Dec 28, 2021

You want to find a job that is a good long-term fit, a role that is impactful and aligned with your true self, but you are unsure about where to start.

Before you resort to job boards, it's important to start at the beginning, to first get to know you.
I don't mean that I need to get to know you right now in this moment--even though I would love to have that opportunity someday--what I really need is for you to understand who you really are, at your core.
 What is it that makes you unique?
 Not sure? That's fine.
 Here's your assignment for this week:
 Strip away all of your titles -- "educator," "project manager," "consultant," "marketer," "veteran," "student" etc.-- this is an important step in discovering who you are as an individual rather than a job description or the responsibilities you carry daily.
 Ok, hopefully that's done. They're gone, right?
 You're now just *your name.*
 The asterisk is a placeholder; it's filled with possibility and it's awaiting your next step.
 Now, I want you to fill in the blank, "I am a person who_________________"
 Perhaps you're that person that friends come to for that right piece of advice when in crisis?

Or maybe you're the life of the party and everyone's go-to planner for all things fun?

Or are you the best second fiddle in the office?

Or perhaps you're everyone's number-crunching guru ahead of big decisions?
 Sit with this for a while. Don't rush it.
 Self-exploration can be difficult, but this step is necessary in order to identify what a life of meaning and purpose looks like for you.
 This reflection will help you identify your needs, values, and interests, which will open you up to more job markets as a candidate. This shift in outlook could also even lead to you creating a role for yourself with an employer because it will give you confidence knowing all that you have to offer.
 But let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's still more to discover, specifically the skills and abilities that you bring to the table alongside who you are as a person.
 Stay tuned. More on this next week...
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