Resume Review Package

The investment for a resume review is $150, and it includes:

  • One 15-Minute phone call or virtual video session: We would plan to meet every other week, and I would provide you with exercises to review in between our sessions. Ahead of the first coaching session, I would have you complete a brief questionnaire to clarify your strengths, interests and motivations and then we would debrief the results during our first session. In these coaching sessions, I would provide you with research-based exercises to help you clarify your values, skills and passions. We would explore different ways that you might be able to build off of your experiences to use this opportunity as not only a chance to hunt for the right job, but to hunt for a life that gives you meaning and makes you proud.

  • Two rounds of resume feedback: To support you with further developing and polishing your resume, I would provide you with two rounds of feedback through email to ensure that you have a draft that will get you noticed and allow you to get through the applicant tracking system known as ATS. The individualized feedback that I would provide would ensure that your content includes keywords for your desired industry, highlights your previous experiences, and speaks to the needs of the companies/organizations that you are applying to.

  • Unlimited email support in between.

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Interviewing Assistance
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