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Find Your Purpose
After Service

While working in the career development space, I have been honored to support hundreds of talented veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces as they transition from the military into the civilian workforce. Building a career in today’s world requires veterans to leverage their leadership experiences, resourcefulness and ability to work on teams in high-pressure situations, as they continue to build their value and find self after service in the civilian context.

In effort to thank veterans for their service, I offer to help servicemembers with the following:


Understanding civilian professional culture and navigating the workplace to advance careers


Leveraging military training and experiences to propel veteran careers in a civilian context


Translating veteran skill sets and experiences so that all are recognized by civilian recruiters and hiring managers in job applications


Being middle aged, I've come to realize that I need help tackling the question of what I want. "What do I want?" is a broad question, and it can be stifling to move forward in your pursuit to earn and live harmoniously. I learned a lot about how to narrow down that precise question with Kimiko who helped me to refine/personalize the career paths that encompassed my purpose, calling and dare I say dreams. I suggest having her as your coach because it is rare to find people with her insight, thought-provoking questions, in-depth analysis and coaching abilities to get you on your personalized target.

Lionel Flores, Marine Corps