In today’s world, things have changed, dramatically, and landscapes have been fundamentally altered, long-term. The rules of the game continue to change and without much notice or warning, especially for the job-hunt and those trying to make a career pivot. The stakes can feel high and the competition steep in the digital world and current job market.


Job-hunting is no longer an optional exercise. It is a survival skill, and it requires resilience and the right strategies. It’s not always the one who can do the job best who is hired, but the one who knows the most about how to get hired. 


With the average hiring manager spending less than thirty seconds reviewing your resume and six seconds on your LinkedIn profile, it is difficult to know how you can grab their attention, while staying relevant and resilient throughout this dynamic time. What can you do to stand out? What should you highlight? How do you explain gaps and career transitions? 


I want to help you make all of your professional first impressions count. I aim to support you by giving power and visibility to all of your job application materials, and your digital and in-person professional presence, so that you are not only able to survive by learning advanced job-hunting skills, but so that you can thrive. 


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